Student FAQ, Agate Publishing Academy Training Intern Network

The Publishing Basics course and certification offers a comprehensive introduction to how publishing functions as a business, by presenting lessons on each stage a book passes through between the writer and the reader. It’s designed to be more focused, more affordable, and more accessible than other introductions to publishing—specifically master’s programs. It features eight distinct online learning modules, each of which is followed by a live 60-90 minute videoconference discussion section. Certificate earners will exit the program better prepared to apply for and win entry-level jobs in publishing.

Agate used a version of this program to find and train more than 100 interns over the past dozen years, most of whom are now working professionals in publishing. We have scaled up this program to make it more broadly available and sustainable by engaging other presses to train a more diverse range of aspiring entrants to our field—at no cost to the participating interns. After completing the program, training interns are awarded the Publishing Basics certification and become part of Agate Publishing Academy’s network of new professionals and participating presses.

What are the larger goals and benefits of the program?

  1. To offer professional development for aspiring industry entrants—information that will help them get their first jobs in the industry.
  2. To diversify the ranks of new entrants to the industry by bringing this learning opportunity to students where they are, on terms far less daunting than those of existing entry points.

How does a training intern qualify for the program?

Agate is seeking candidates through a national network of colleges and universities, for periods roughly coinciding with the traditional fall and spring semesters.
  • Candidates should be enrolled students in good standing that have completed at least half their junior undergraduate year; both undergraduates and graduate students are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must supply a resume and a cover letter, and may also be asked to submit at least one nonfiction writing sample of no more than 2000 words.

How do I apply, and what is the timeline for the program?

Applications are considered year-round. To apply, candidates should email a resume and a cover letter with the words “Training Intern Application” in the subject line.

How are the live seminars run?

After completing a given module, participants must compose three follow-up questions addressing that module’s contents. These are used to guide the ensuing seminar discussions, which are led by Agate staff working in the relevant disciplines.