DEI Basics for Publishing Professionals

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Course overview
An overview of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) topics for writers, editors, and project managers in the publishing industry

About the course

Welcome to Agate Publishing Academy’s “DEI for Publishing Professionals” course. This course is for those who are working as writers, editors, project managers, and HR managers in the publishing industry. In this course we will cover several DEI topics and how to approach them in various kinds of content.


Writers will learn how to craft inclusive content that represents a wide range of experiences.


Editors will learn how to recognize and improve problematic content so it meets DEI best practices.

Project & HR Managers

Project managers and HR managers will learn what DEI concepts and topics need to be adopted to make their content shine.

What's included?

Comprehensive content

10 essential topics to make your content more diverse, equitable, and inclusive


A certificate upon completion to add to your business page or resume

Guided practice

Example scenarios and the explanations to guide you through them


Assessment questions to test your enhanced skills

Course Lessons

While we strive to ensure accessibility in our online offerings, this course does not entirely conform to the latest accessibility best practices. For more, see our Accessibility Statement.
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