Advance your publishing career

Agate Publishing Academy is the first career development program designed by industry professionals specifically for those looking to build publishing careers—from breaking into the field to improving and refining their professional skills. 

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Learn the ins and outs of publishing – without having to enroll in a costly advanced degree program.

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Focused guidance from working industry professionals.

We've developed our courses drawing on decades of experience in every aspect of publishing.

I interned for Agate right after college and received a better education about publishing than I would have gotten at any graduate school. The skills I learned there have been transferable to all the different roles I've taken on since, as an editor of books and magazines, as a writer, and as co-founder of The Point. For anyone interested in learning about publishing, from the big picture down to the smallest detail, I can't imagine better people to learn from than the folks at Agate.

Jon Baskin
founding editor, The Point

Our Courses

Frequently asked questions

What is Agate Publishing Academy?

Agate Publishing Academy is a set of new career development programs designed for people interested in publishing careers. Drawing on our decades of experience in publishing, our program guides learners through everything they need to know about this prestigious, ever-changing industry.

What are the plan and pricing options?

Course costs vary based on their length, breadth, and features such as live sessions and industry Q&As. For bulk options for your intern program, school, or other organization, contact us.

Do I receive a certification upon completing a course?

Yes, upon completion of a course you will receive a customized certificate of completion suitable for sharing in a resume, personal website, or social media profile.

What topics does Agate Publishing Academy cover?

Agate Publishing Academy currently offers courses on Publishing Basics, DEI for Publishing Professionals, and Introduction to Instructional Design. We've always got more new courses (look for more before the end of this year) so sign up to our email newsletter to stay in the loop.

Who can I speak to if I need help?

For questions, feedback, or technological assistance, you can contact us at

Who are we?

Agate Publishing is an Evanston, Illinois-based independent publisher. Founded in 2002, Agate has published award-winning novels, cookbooks, memoirs, children's books, and more.
Agate Development, our sister company, specializes in developing educational content for educational institutions, businesses, and trade organizations.